Fishing on Misaw Lake at Sunrise
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What Fishing Legends Are Made Of

Our lakes and rivers harbor a vast number of lake trout and on any given day, your electronics screen can be covered with fish. Each season fishermen catch and release trophies in the 15-30 pound class, and occasionally fish up to 43 pounds. However, with exclusive access to some lakes and rivers that have never been fished, perhaps the next world record awaits (the largest lake trout on official record was 102 pounds and was caught in a gill net in our province, Saskatchewan)! Unlike pike, with big trout, “the bigger the lure, the bigger the fish” has never been truer than at Misaw Lake Lodge.

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Lake Trout
“The lake trout fishing was incredible and our group caught over 70 in one day, almost all of which were over 30".”Ross H

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Experience the Fishing Fight of Your Life!

Primarily located in the northern part of North America, lake trout are a uniquely Canadian fish. They are the largest of the char family and a prized game and food fish (guests are often surprised with the delicious, freshly caught lake trout at shore lunch)! Since lakers prefer cold water temperatures - among the coldest of the freshwater fish in the world - our location provides an outstanding lake trout experience!

Spring fishing for lake trout is very exciting as these big lakers are in shallow water and rivers. Fishing for them in the fast-moving Schwandt River will really give you a run for your money. The lake trout move into deeper water during the summer months and this is when we catch our largest fish.

Our big golden lakers can and will challenge the best equipment, and quite frankly, there is no better sound than the singing of a drag releasing line. Their strength is incredible and similar to reeling in a halibut off the ocean floor, and then even a strong rod and an absolute knot have been known to fail. But patience and determination do pay off and the opportunity to land a trophy is excellent!